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From the point of view of science anything similar initially could not be. Before somebody, hardly applying to be called as a person, but already close to him. appeared on Earth, her ­ 4,6 billion years. And later millions more of years passed until the first hominids became ­ from fauna: during these of years they in the same measure of" a " over the nature in what today, we will tell. chimpanzee.

In real history of development of life on Earth they were born not in the same interval of time that other inhabitants of sushi at all. The first animals occupied her about 400 million years ago, and not everything, but only invertebrates

an omnozhestvo" court" angels in halls arose later. More precisely, during that period when Jews were a part of the empire of Persians among whom the philosophy of the universe prevailed. In times when "The priestly code" took the shape, the Persian influence not ­ adequately yet.

He carried out on Earth the interval of time equal to 1/1400 time of existence of primacies, 1/70 000 existence in general of life on Earth, its less than 1/90 000 own times of" life" and about 1/300 000 those times so far as there is our Universe.

From the point of view of physiology of people in the same degree a mammal, as all other of this class, in the same degree a primacy. as other representatives of this look. Moreover. similarity between the person, on the one hand, both a chimpanzee and a gorilla, with another, is so more in details traced in physiology and biochemistry that a riddle is another: how could lead divergences to emergence of so differing individuals?

Perhaps, half a million years to that hominids (there was no Noto's a type of sapiens yet) for the first time opened for themselves fire, and it truly was opening to which any animal neither to, nor after and close did not approach.