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Thus, for the purpose of this analysis the studied commodity group included besides a coat woolen, also coats and jackets from mixed fabrics with pukho-feather fillers, a coat and jackets from mixed fabrics on a synthetic winterizer, other top winter and demi-season clothes, except a coat and raincoats from skin and fur coats from natural fur.

At the moment the firm used intermediaries for realization of the goods made by it. At a development stage this way the most rational. But for further development of firm, a gain of a new sales market, strengthening of competitiveness of firm it is necessary to reduce the cost of the made production first of all. It is possible to make depreciation in two ways:

The sales volume of solvent demand on this group of goods was considerably reduced. According to estimated data it fell twice. If the winter clothes were acquired time in 3-6 years, now such purchase is made not more often than time in 6-9 years.

For check of the received results additional researches were conducted, having taken into account the volume of solvent demand of potential groups of buyers, structure of the main groups of consumers, geographical structure of demand and some other factors influencing structure and volume of the consumer market.

Considering structure of the main groups of the buyers presented in the market of demi-season outerwear it is possible to draw a conclusion that practically each of buyers has possibility of a choice of goods, as on quality, the price, and on firms - producers of these goods.

At this stage it is inexpedient to carry out decrease in prime cost of products as any advertizing company it was not carried out and the consumer can not know about the made production. Proceeding from it it is offered to carry out the advertizing company of the main production, and then to conduct detailed market researches for the purpose of further improvement of a financial condition of firm.