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At the mass fires, can the agricultural machinery for transportation of water, plowing of the earth for the purpose of not spread of fire is attracted. It is provided creation of voluntary fire formations, for fire suppression by make-shifts.

Pollution take place at operation and service of agricultural machinery, for example, if servicing or a sink is made not on specially equipped platforms, as a result of any leakages of fuels and lubricants from – for not density of connection in fuel and other systems.

For not an assumption of accidents, violations of the rules of labor protection and safety measures, fire safety, improvement of prevention of the works connected with safety measures and fire safety responsibility and control is assigned to the following branch experts.

It is very important to estimate as soon as possible a situation, to foresee development of the fires and on this basis to make the correct decision on their localization and suppression. At localization on the way of spread of fire (taking into account the direction gate-type strips arrange a wind: on the direction of distribution of the fire sort or bring down combustible designs of buildings, completely delete from a gate-type strip legkovozgarayemy materials and dry vegetation, for creation of a gate-type strip up to 30 wide – 50m. the road equipment is necessary.

Due to transfer of animal husbandry to an industrial basis livestock complexes became the largest sources of environmental pollution in rural areas. They are sources of pollution of atmospheric air, the soil, water sources.

Environmental protection – the system of the measures directed on maintenance of rational interaction between activity of the person and surrounding environment, providing preservation and restoration of the natural resources preventing direct and indirect influence of results of activity of society on the nature and health of the person

The management and responsibility for the organization of work on safety measures and production sanitation, is assigned to heads of farms, and carrying out all practical work - to the chief livestock specialist and the chief veterinarian; in offices and on farms – on managing directors of offices, zav.ferma, livestock specialists and veterinarians.

On the chief veterinarian, safety of work when carrying out lechebno - preventive actions with animals, a sanitary condition of the territory of the enterprises, places of storage of medicines, a condition of cattle mortuaries.

By results of research of the cows who are positively reacting to a leukosis to isolate in separate group. Further to investigate these animals only by a hematologic method about the subsequent delivery on meat-processing plant of cows with high rates of quantity of leukocytes in blood.

In collective farm fire safety is carried out by fire protection in structure: the fire chief, 1 driver and one GAS fire truck - 6 For elimination of the fire in an initial stage of its development before arrival of fire divisions in all production objects, livestock farms there are various fire extinguishing means: OHP fire extinguishers – 10, OU – 2, OU – 5, buckets, barrels with water, shovels, loma, axes, hooks, boxes with sand, etc.

The management and responsibility for the organization of work of the workers serving animals it is assigned to the chairman of collective farm, and carrying out all practical work on labor protection on branches, to chief specialists, by order of the chairman of collective farm.

The sanitary clothes and footwear are given out only for work and upon termination of it removed and stored in special lockers. To wear sanitary clothes and footwear outside the territory or the room it is strictly forbidden.